Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thing 23 is done - Victory!!!!

Portugal v Spain Victory Square
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Thing 23, thing 23, thing 23!!! Done on week 9

And I've reached the finish line. YES!!! Wow, I have to admit that this went really fast. I started this feeling like this was more of an obligation then anything actually useful. But I was wrong. I found things like the RSS feeds, del.icio.us, LibraryThing, and online word processing tools to be things that were not only useful but things that I can definitely see myself using in the future for different needs. Oh yes, and who could forget Flickr, anyone that has read my blog wouldn't be able to forget it either because of all the pictures of Azores and Portugal that I posted on my blog. This Library 2.0 allowed me to learn about stuff I didn't know about at all; stuff I'd only heard about; and even stuff I'd used maybe once or twice but hadn't really delved into.

I was absolutely surprised by the amount of stuff out there that is both useful and interesting and that is able to be used by someone like me who isn't even close to being as computer savvy as an actual computer science major.

I really don't see improvement that could be done to the program. Maybe someone else will but I'm satisfied.

Finally, yes, if another program like this were offered I could definitely see myself taking part in it again.

Goodbye Library 2.0 - it has been fun!!!!!

Thing 22, Week 9 (Thing 22 - I can't believe it...done in week 9)

Well, here is number 22, wow, I can't believe how quick this whole Library 2.0 went. Anyways, I looked at the e-books on SJlibrary's website and the Gutenberg Project. I've always liked that you could read books for free on the internet but to be honest it's just not my thing. I already can check out a book for free from the library and I really can't see myself sitting in front of a computer for hours reading a 300 (or more) page book. I'd rather have the actual paper book in my hands. But I still find it great that these e-books and audio e-books are available on the internet for other people that actually like to sit and read a book in front of their computer.

Thing 21, Week 9 (Done in week 9)

Well, this was less interesting than the Youtube exercise. But I did explore different podcast feeds and decided to settle on the podcast called "FOXCAST: Prison Break". Prison Break is my favorite TV show and this podcast actually summarizes each episode so if you aren't able to see it you at least can hear a 20 minute synopsis of the episode. I went ahead and added the RSS feed of this podcast to my Bloglines account. From what I saw there are many interesting podcasts out there and it is definitely cool that you don't need to download software to get at many of these podcasts. The less I have to download the better. :)

Thing 20, Week 9 (Actually done on week 9)

The end is almost here!!! I shall have finished Library 2.0 quite soon - it is the last week!

All right, now onto Youtube, you know, shockingly, I have hardly gone on this sight but now that I had to actually go on for Library 2.0 I needed to force myself off or I would have wasted to much time looking up cool videos on there.

So here are some videos I checked out:

Conan the Librarian - since it was listed I had to check it out. Funny and over the top. I doubt we could get away with doing to patrons what Conan did to the one returning the late book - yeesh!

The adventures of Super Librarian - cool, and downright silly in a very funny way. I noticed that she was using one of the book desensitizers we use behind the service desks on the first floor.

Interval Library was very cool - it was all about compact shelving being moved at the beat of Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca (at least that's what I think is the name of the music). Someone had a lot of time on their hands to do that but for someone like me that actually searches for books in the lower level on our compact shelves it was very entertaining.

Mr Bean: The Library - oh this was just wrong. I've always found Mr. Bean to be very funny. I tell you, now I know who is responsible for missing pages in our books - it is worth checking out to get a good laugh.

Finally, with all the pictures of the Azores on my blog, I had to look up "Azores" on Youtube - here were two I liked:

Azores: Portugal. Europe - Travel Video PostCard - it was a very short little video on the Azores - but it had interesting things to see and hear.

The Azores, Portugal (by mistercharisma) - this was a 4 minute video showing pictures of Sao Miguel the biggest Island of the Azores with a song from Coldplay being played in the background. Very simple but yet very well done.

As you can tell I had to much fun with this exercise, I chose the videos I did because they just seemed really interesting and were about topics I'm interested in - Libraries and the Azores. It would be cool if we could incorporate videos into our website. Maybe with quick online classes on how to use the library and our website.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Cristo Rey - Lisbon, Portugal...

I hope you enjoyed some of the pictures of Lisbon. Here is the last beautiful picture before my weekend begins.

Lisbon Sail...

Lisbon Sail
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I love cool and wacky things architects do with buildings. As the previous blog said - Portugal had many discoverers that left from its ports throughout the world. This building in Lisbon, I believe is inspired by that vision of Portuguese being sailors. (Even though you'll hardly ever catch me on a boat!)